Award Winner of Aesthetica Short Film Festival

The Viking Planet awarded the best VR film
  The Viking Planet is proud to be the winner of the best VR Film at Aesthetica Short Film Festival in November. "Virtual Viking — The Ambush" is a collaboration with Ridley Scotts RSA Group and has the world’s first virtual reality battle scene using volumetric capture. The award was selected by a jury of industry experts.
  A quote from TechRadar: "We’ve been to a lot of VR demos — everything from 8K batman helmets to nausea-inducing paragliding — but The Ambush felt incredibly fresh. The closest comparison I can think of is sitting onstage in a theatre, with the actors only a few feet away from you. I could see the Vikings in front of me heaving their chests as they rowed their ship down the river at night, squinting their eyes to see better in the dark, knuckles tensing around their CGI oars, and flinching as projectiles began to rain down on their allies."
  It is those small details, in a look, a tightening grip on an oar, or the twitch of a facial muscle, that make a person feel real. Here are illustrations from the experience:

Get ready for a compelling journey in time