The Viking Planet

Norway’s first interactive entertainment center opens in oslo, June 2019 with many unique experiences based on viking heritage.

Drakkar – The VR cinema

Virtual Viking - The Ambush : The audience will be transported back more than a thousand years ago to the western coast of Norway. With groundbreaking volumetric capture VR, with 4D chairs and with a cinema soundtrack, the viewer is taken back to a longship in the 9th century. Based on thousands of still images from Norway, actors and stunt performers are captured live with more than a hundred cameras programmed inside a game engine, this is the first Virtual Reality experience of its kind in the world.

Sagascope - The 270-degree cinema

The Viking Life : We invite the audience to step into the Viking Age. With acombination of classic cinematic storytelling and innovative 270-degree filmmaking.

Inside a Viking-helmet-shaped theatre, and with a screen spanning the entire volume of the interior space, various memorable moments from daily Viking life are unfolding. Either as full 270 immersion - or with muliple cinema images playing simultaneously, accompanied by a soundtrack and atmospheric soundscapes.

Fjordr – Kinoen

Norvegr : This is the fact-based account placing the Viking Age in the context of European history. It all began more than ten thousand years ago, when the ice first started receding, revealing the land underneath, eventually making it possible to cultivate for the first Norwegia settlers.

The Viking Age began in the late eighth century and lasted until there was a gradual transition into the Christian faith some three hundred years later.

Viking windows

Interactive screens with illustrations, animations and text providing background information on different aspects of the Viking Age.

The Viking Long ship

Offers insights into shipbuilding craftsmanship and the art of longboat engineering, and reveals the groundbreaking aerodynamic design and qualities of the fastest moving vessel of that time: the Viking long ship. But there were several kinds of ships and not all of them intended for warfare.

This window also explores the navigational skills and seamanship of the Vikings.

Viking warriors and weapons

Introduce the Viking as warrior and presents a variety of different weapons and what kind of warriors that used them. The Viking sword, the spear and the axe; The weapons that define this period in north Europe at the time. This window also explains how these weapons could represent social status and power in the Viking Age

Viking Women

Viking Age society was essentially male-dominated. But women could own property, request a divorce and reclaim their dowries if their marriages ended. The Norse women had full authority in the domestic sphere and if the man of the household died, his wife would adopt his role on a permanent basis, singlehandedly running the family farm or trading business. This window allows the user to explore and appreciate the lives, chores and challenges facing women in Norway more than a thousand years ago.

Viking Gods

The cosmos in Norse mythology consists of Nine Worlds populated by many different beings. In Åsgård live the gods controlling the cosmos who created the first two humans on earth, Ask and Embla. These gods needed to be worshipped and made sacrifices to, in order to keep the balance of nature.

Pop culture has brought the old Norse Gods and giants such as Thor and Odin to the mainstream through movies, games, music and TV.

In this window you will meet Thor, Odin and  Frøya providing a deeper understanding of what significance myths and religion had for the vikings.

Skuggsjá – The hologram theatre

Here you will meet full man size living holograms.

Skuggsjá features an experience displaying Viking fashion on a catwalk, where Vikings from different strata of society present their clothing for today’s audience, beamed as holograms from more than a thousand years back in time.

The house Mistress Ingrid will appear and perform two old folk ballads in the four-line lyric stanza stev in Norwegian dialect.

The Viking farmer Bjorn will recite from the famous literary work of Viking ethics, Håvamål, in Old Norse, and the musicians and singers from the respected Viking re-enactment band Eldrim will perform their song Attergangar, the Ghost, in Norwegian.

The Selfie Zone

A wall mounted screen offering motifs from The Viking Planet image archive, enabling the user to select whatever Viking universe visual setting they prefer as a background for their Selfie as you let us know your email adress from you mobile device

The user's image can be shown integrated into a battle, among Vikings at the farmstead, or in any of the other optional locations, and the picture will be taken automatically.

The Selfie is sent back to the user's mobile device right away. Print outs can also be ordered for collection at the Viking planet gift shop.