What you can do at The Viking Planet

Prisvinnende VR The Ambush: The audience will be transported back more than a thousand years ago to the western coast of Norway. With groundbreaking volumetric capture VR, with 4D chairs and with a cinema soundtrack, the viewer is taken back to a longship in the 9th century. Based on thousands of still images from Norway, actors and stunt performers are captured live with more than a hundred cameras programmed inside a game engine, this is the very first Virtual Reality experience of its kind in the world. Virtual Viking — The Ambush Will be shown three times an hour and has a running time of 12 minutes and is one of several immersive experiences in The Viking Planet. Produced in collaboration with RSA Films and Dimension Studio in the UK.
The Viking Life: We invite the audience to step into the Viking Age. With a combination of classic cinematic storytelling and innovative 270-degree film-making. Inside a Viking-helmet-shaped theatre, and with a screen spanning the entire volume of the interior space, various memorable moments from daily Viking life are unfolding. Either as full 270 immersion — or with multiple cinema images playing simultaneously, accompanied by a soundtrack and atmospheric soundscapes.
The Viking Life: This is the fact-based account placing the Viking Age in the context of European history. It all began more than ten thousand years ago, when the ice first started receding, revealing the land underneath, eventually making it possible to cultivate for the first Norwegian settlers. The Viking Age began in the late eighth century and lasted until there was a gradual transition into the Christian faith some three hundred years later. Ultimately this film takes a time travel leap from the Futhark alphabet and the times of the Viking runes — into the digital age and the resurgence of Viking culture and storytelling in contemporary entertainment. Titles like Thor, Vikings, The Game of Thrones and Skyrim, as well as the classic Lord of the Rings, are all works of fiction in debt to the Viking saga's narrative, characters and compelling universe.
Viking Windows are interactive experiences with illustrations, animations, text and sound providing fascinating information on different aspects of the Viking age. We are proud to have historical drawings and illustrations made by Anders Kvåle Rue, many from the saga treasure Flateyjarbok. The current themes are: The Viking Longship, Viking Warriors and Weapons, Viking Women and Viking Gods. Very educative.
Here you will meet full man size living holograms. The Hologram Theatre features an experience displaying Viking fashion on a catwalk, where Vikings from different strata of society present their clothing for today’s audience, beamed as holograms from more than a thousand years back in time. The house Mistress Ingrid will appear and perform two old folk ballads in the "four-line lyric stanza stev" in Norwegian dialect.
A wall mounted screen offering motifs from The Viking Planet image archive, enabling the user to select whatever Viking universe visual setting they prefer as a background for their Selfie as you let us know your email address from you mobile device. The user’s image can be shown integrated into a battle, among Vikings at the farmstead, or in any of the other optional locations, and the picture will be taken automatically. The Selfie is sent back to the user’s mobile device right away. Print outs can also be ordered for collection at the Viking planet gift shop.

Get ready for a compelling journey in time

KHM Do you want to learn more about the vikings while in Oslo? Visit the best preserved longships at The Viking Ship Museum.