The opening of the worlds first digital viking museum

  Now you can finally meet digital Vikings and experience what it was like to live in Norway 1000 years ago in the centre of Oslo. To mark this, we sent a riding Viking from Avaldsnes to Oslo to hand over the sword as for cutting the opening cord 20 June 2019.
  As a fresh addition to the existing institutions that convey Viking history, The Viking Planet uses the world's first drama production in volumetric capture VR with 4D chairs, the Nordic region's first 360 cinema, a hologram theatre and interactive screens. In this way, the Viking Age is conveyed like the world has never seen it.
  Our combination of tradition and innovation makes The Viking Planet innovative in the world context, both in the tourism and entertainment industries. We want to make sure you have a unique experience and at the same time learn about the Viking history in an entertaining way. With this, we will strengthen the cultural and entertainment offer for both Norwegians and foreign tourists. Regardless of the knowledge of Viking history, the unique technology will make The Viking Planet an attractive adventure centre for gangs of friends, school classes and families.
  Viking and European champion of historical launch, Per Eisten Prøys-Røhjell (Pelle), was tasked with delivering the sword which will cut the string to mark the opening of The Viking Planet. The sword has been given the name Augvaldsbaune after King Augvald, who was a king in Karmøy before Harald Hårfagre took power. Augvaldsbaune was picked up at Avaldsnes in Karmøy, the epicentre of Norwegian Viking history, and then brought to Oslo. Karmøy's mayor Jarle Nilsen handed the sword to Pelle who then rode from Avaldsnes to Oslo in four days. The trip went from the west coast through Åkrafjorden, over Hardangervidda, through Seljord, Kongsberg and Drammen, before arriving through the caste park in the centre of Oslo.

Get ready for a compelling journey in time